Withdraw from Betin.co.ke without trouble

withdrawing from betin.co.ke

Luck has been on your side and you have had a winning streak with your bets, but now you wish to end your gaming session and withdraw the wins? No need to worry as you withdraw from betin.co.ke as it has been simplified to make sure you immediately receive your money.

Withdraw from betin.co.ke via Mpesa

Similar to deposits, withdrawing from betin.co.ke can only be done through MPESA. If you are already logged into your account, look for the yellow “My Account” tab at the top right corner of the site. Click on this button and you will see a drop-down menu appear giving you a list of option to manage your account. From that list, select “Withdraw” and click. You will then be prompted to enter the amount you want to withdraw from your account. After typing in the correct figure, click the “Withdraw” tab below to complete the transaction. The money will be automatically transferred to your MPESA account within a few seconds.

You should note that there is no requirement to provide a mobile phone number because betin.co.ke will only recognize the phone number that was provided in the account set up process. You therefore cannot withdraw the money into a different phone number. You will also be charged for any transactional fees applied by Safaricom during this withdrawal process.

Withdraw from betin.co.ke using the USSD codes

Alternatively, you can use the USSD method to request for a withdrawal from betin.co.ke. To use this method, create a new SMS with the format “WD#amount#secretpin” and send the message to 29456. For instance if you wish to withdraw Ksh. 200 and your secret PIN is 1234, then your withdrawal message should read; WD#200#1234. The USSD method is more convenient especially when you have no access to the internet and the betin.co.ke website. Withdrawals using this method are also instant and you will receive an SMS notification upon the approval of your withdrawal request.

You should remember that MPESA has limits on the maximum amount that can be transferred, and therefore some large withdrawals will require you to claim your winnings through a bank transfer. Although MPESA withdrawals are usually completed within a few minutes, betinc.o.ke requires you to allow them up to a maximum of 24 hours to process withdrawal requests. This extended processing time might be necessitated by audits and checks conducted by the betin.co.ke team to ensure that no regulations were violated by the gamer. You should note that if betin.co.ke detects any form of malpractice, your with withdrawal request will be rejected and the company can even reclaim any bonuses or wins previously awarded.