How to make a deposit deposit

After you have successfully set up a account, you will now have access to numerous casino games and sports to bet on. However to make successful bets and even have a shot at the multi-million jackpots, you will first need to make a deposit. Let us now learn how to go about loading money into your account so that you can begin your exciting betting journey.

Accepted deposit methods only accepts deposits through MPESA, a mobile money transfer service that is enjoying widespread usage. This means that you should always have your mobile phone and an activated Safaricom sim card in hand when gaming at Begin by loading money into your MPESA account to ensure the balance is enough for your planned betting amount at

You can now open the MPESA menu in your phone. From the MPESA main menu, select “Lipa na MPESA”. You will then be prompted to either “Pay Bill” or “Buy Goods and Service”.  Select “Pay Bill” which will now lead you to the next step. Select the “Enter business number” option and type in 997270 as the business number and press ok. You will then be prompted to enter an account number or name. Type in “Betin Kenya” and press ok. Next you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to deposit. Remember that only accepts deposits ranging between Ksh. 50 and Ksh. 500,000 and your deposit amount should, therefore, be within this range. After entering the amount to deposit, press ok and you will now be prompted to provide your secret MPESA PIN to complete the transaction. Type in your PIN and press ok. You will immediately receive a pop-up notification on your phone requiring you to verify the amount paid, the payment details and information, after which you can finally press ok and the money transfer is completed.

Deposits will usually reflect immediately in your account. You should, however, take note that the money will be deposited into the account that was set up using the same mobile number as the one used in the MPESA deposit. It is therefore not advisable to use someone else’s phone to make deposits into your account because the money will go to the account associated with that phone number. You should also remember that some transactional fees will be charged by Safaricom for the use of its “Pay Bill” services. These fees are usually deducted from your remaining MPESA balance. You, therefore, need to make sure that your MPESA balance before starting the deposit will be enough to cover any such fees.