The Success of Betting in Africa

Betting in Africa

Sports betting in Africa has become very popular over the past few years. The continent is home to numerous bookies offering all types of markets to their customers. Though the betting scene in each country varies from others, a number of identical factors have played a role in the growth of sports betting throughout the continent, and these include the following:

Established legal framework for betting in Africa

There is a readily established legal framework to guide sport betting in most African countries.  Most Africans are free to sign up and participate in sports betting using both local and international bookies. The gambling laws in majority of the countries are comparable to laws in other parts of the world.

Love for sports

Betting in Africa has largely been successful because of the continents love for sports, and particularly soccer.  Soccer has a huge following in all of the continent’s 54 countries. In addition to soccer, other sports such as tennis, cricket, basketball, rugby, and horse racing are also popular.


Most African countries have home-grown bookies that are very well established. Major betting countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have been able to attract a number of international players. Most betting companies tailor make services to suit the needs of their customers. For instance, SMS-based betting is hugely popular in Kenya and this works hand in hand with hugely popular mobile money transfer. In other countries such as Nigeria, betting companies have established betting shops across the country. Online betting is however becoming common in many countries as internet costs go down.

Bonuses and other Packages

Players around Africa are treated to generous bonus and other winnings.  Most bookies offer life changing weekly jackpots that players can win by placing a little amount.

The future looks even brighter for betting in Africa as the continent continues to grow economically.