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Cesena»Giuseppe Colucci
"?" Sunday vs. Roma.
Catania»Fabio Sciacca
"?" Sunday vs. Fiorentina.
Racing Santander»Lautaro Acosta
out indefinitely.
Barcelona»Andres Iniesta
probable Saturday vs. Juventus.
Liverpool»D Sturridge
expected to miss Tuesday vs. Hull City.
Liverpool»M Sakho
doubtful Tuesday vs. Hull City.

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Yesterday Football Predictions Tips, Live Scores vs Odds Comparison 26 March 2017

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Matches available: 0-100   100-200   200-300   
CntrTimeCompetitionHomeAwayScore1X21X X212TipsChancesStats
FT UEFA QualificationAzerbaijanGermany1 - 429.410.,32,50football tips
FT UEFA QualificationSan MarinoCzech Republic0 - 653.526.01.0217.225.901.03X36,29,36football tips
FT UEFA QualificationN.IrelandNorway2 - 02.403.203.501.331.591.351X42,28,31betting advice
FT UEFA QualificationArmeniaKazakhstan2 - 01.853.504.751.191.961.33143,21,38football tips
FT UEFA QualificationMontenegroPoland1 - 24.733.501.911.911.211.31X227,35,40football tips
FT UEFA QualificationRomaniaDenmark0 - 02.883.152.701.471.401.371X50,29,26betting advice
FT UEFA QualificationEnglandLithuania2 - 01.1310.029.61.697.221.08157,25,18football betting
FT UEFA QualificationMaltaSlovakia1 - 333.77.751.205.821.511.10X228,27,50betting statistics
FT UEFA QualificationScotlandSlovenia1 - 02.383.203.351.331.571.38bet advices
FT League 1Scunthorpe UnitedBradford City3 - 22.853.252.551.501.411.33235,24,41betting advice
FT League 2Doncaster RoversPlymouth Argyle0 - 11.703.524.421.171.821.231237,24,39football predictions
FT Serie BHellas VeronaPisa1 - 11.603.508.001.092.331.301X38,29,34bet tips
FT Serie BCarpiPerugia0 - 02.483.003.751.331.671.40X231,31,39football tips
FT Serie BEntellaCesena2 - 12.413.003.751.341.671.371X59,31,21betting tips and offers
FT Serie BLatinaPro Vercelli0 - 02.312.903.701.281.611.39X225,36,41betting advice
FT Serie BSPAL 2013Frosinone0 - 22.203.303.751.261.741.35X34,32,34bet tips
FT Serie BSalernitanaAscoli Picchio 18982 - 01.773.655.,31,37betting tips and offers
FT Serie BTernanaAvellino4 - 12.503.003.501.361.621.38X224,28,48betting statistics
FT Serie BVicenzaBrescia1 - 11.833.404.951.181.981.311X38,30,32football predictions
FT Serie BBariNovara0 - predictions
FT Lega ProComoPiacenza1 -,35,32bet tips
FT Lega ProSambenedetteseReggiana2 - 02.403.102.951.361.501.31X32,39,30betting tips and offers
FT Lega ProAlbinoLeffeModena0 -,68,21football predictions
FT Lega ProGubbioParma Calcio 19131 - 42.753.052.401.431.321.27150,22,30betting advice
FT Lega ProMacerateseFeralpiSalo2 - 02.353.003.101.321.521.321X38,45,21betting advice
FT Lega ProMantovaTeramo0 - statistics
FT Lega ProVeneziaSantarcangelo1 - 11.444. prediction tip
FT Lega ProCalcio PadovaBassano Virtus1 - 01.593.555.,35,34betting tips and offers
FT Lega ProForliAlma Juventus Fano0 - 02.502.902.701.331.381.291X42,31,29bet tips
FT Lega ProCasertanaCosenza1 - 12.353.103.101.321.551.30football prediction tip
FT Lega ProCataniaFoggia0 - 14.503.401.741.901.151.25bet advices
FT Lega ProLecceFondi2 - 01.563.856.,37,25football predictions
FT Lega ProMelfiAkragas0 -,33,38football tips
FT Lega ProSiracusa CalcioReggina1 - 11.743.354.701.131.831.22football prediction tip
FT Lega ProViboneseFidelis Andria1 - 02.653.002.951.391.461.351X40,28,33betting tips
14:30 Lega ProTarantoPaganese-:-2.453.002.881.331.471.311X38,35,28football predictions
FT Lega ProJuve StabiaCatanzaro2 - 21.623.605.501.102.181.221X39,31,32betting tips
FT Lega ProMateraMessina5 - 11.713.605. advice
FT Lega ProMonopoliVirtus Francavilla1 - 12.553.002.821.381.441.31X231,26,45bet tips
FT LaLiga 1|2|3GetafeLugo2 - 01.803.405.151.191.981.321X51,32,22betting tips and offers
FT LaLiga 1|2|3CadizTenerife0 - 12.313.104.001.311.751.361X60,26,23bet tips
FT LaLiga 1|2|3MirandesHuesca1 - 32.633.152.831.421.481.34football betting
FT LaLiga 1|2|3ReusUCAM Murcia0 - 02.302.893.901.281.581.391X39,29,33bet advices
FT LaLiga 1|2|3Sevilla AtleticoCordoba1 -,29,30football predictions
FT LaLiga 1|2|3ElcheZaragoza0 -,31,34betting tips and offers
FT Segunda BCelta Vigo BPonferradina3 - 01.803.605.,25,45betting tips and offers
FT Segunda BPalencia BalompieLeonesa0 - 44.303.601.731.961.171.23233,24,43football betting
FT Segunda BBurgosValladolid B0 - 02.603.303.401.431.671.291X45,32,25bet tips
FT Segunda BPontevedraTudelano2 -,36,41football betting
FT Segunda BRacing SantanderSomozas3 - 01.206.5018.,24,28bet advices
FT Segunda BIzarraLealtad1 - 11.753.404.861.151.961.28144,25,33betting statistics
FT Segunda BRacing de FerrolOsasuna B1 - 01.703.605. tips
FT Segunda BGuijueloBoiro4 - 02.103.405.051.281.951.28157,24,26football predictions
FT Segunda BCaudal DeportivoArandina1 - 11.803.755.,32,24bet advices
FT Segunda BSan Sebastian de los ReyesLogrones1 - betting
FT Segunda BGernikaToledo1 - 02.753.202.751.421.481.33X232,32,36football tips
FT Segunda BMensajeroSestao4 - 12.053.303.401.261.671.28football tips
FT Segunda BAlbaceteFuenlabrada0 - 41.653.605.401.132.101.23X36,30,34football prediction tip
FT Segunda BReal UnionZamudio SD2 - 11.234.8011.01.183.301.10147,22,32bet tips
FT Segunda BAE PratAlcoyano2 - 13.653.302.201.731.271.33X225,37,41football predictions
FT Segunda BL'HospitaletAtletico Baleares0 - 42.452.902.801.321.401.29X230,34,36football prediction tip
FT Segunda BEbroHercules1 - 02.603.202.881.371.511.321237,24,39betting tips
FT Segunda BLleida EsportiuMallorca B2 - 11.653.506.,39,22betting tips and offers
FT Segunda BBadalonaCornella1 - 11.833.405.351.181.951.271X55,28,17bet tips
FT Segunda BExtremaduraMelilla0 - 12.603.103.701.411.641.321X39,36,26betting statistics
FT Segunda BMarbellaCartagena2 - 12.803.302.901.431.541.31betting statistics
FT Segunda BReal JaenSan Fernando CD4 - 22.353.303.101.301.601.28betting statistics
FT Segunda BReal MurciaCordoba B2 - 01.753.706.901.162.351.25football predictions
FT Segunda BRecreativo HuelvaEl Ejido 20120 -,28,32football predictions
FT Segunda BLinenseLa Roda1 - 01.953.306. tips
FT Segunda BLinares DeportivoAtletico Mancha Real1 - 11.753.805.801.192.201.22144,25,33betting advice
FT Segunda BVillanovenseLorca3 - 02.153.303.801.301.651.28betting statistics
FT Segunda BAtletico SanluquenoGranada B2 - 12.553.302.881.441.521.29X226,36,39betting tips and offers
FT Regionalliga NordWeiche FlensburgEintracht Braunschweig II2 - 21.553.807.001.112.441.261X57,27,24betting tips and offers
FT Regionalliga NordRehdenLupo-Martini Wolfsburg0 - 02.303.203.101.341.571.321X37,37,27bet advices
FT Regionalliga NordDrochtersen/AsselEintracht Norderstedt1 - 12.623.102.751.421.461.34147,24,31bet tips
FT Regionalliga NordVfV HildesheimHannover 96 II2 - 02.253.302.901.331.531.271X43,27,32football tips
FT Regionalliga NordostOberlausitz NeugersdorfHertha Berlin II2 - 02.303.303.201.361.601.321X48,30,26bet tips
FT Regionalliga NordostUnion FuerstenwaldeVfB Auerbach0 - 62.453.252.801.391.541.29142,25,35betting advice
FT Regionalliga NordostBabelsbergCarl Zeiss Jena1 - 13.303.302.151.651.301.30X230,32,39betting tips and offers
FT First Division BCercle BruggeLommel0 - 51.803.805.,20,55betting statistics
FT Segunda LigaVarzimAcademica0 - 22.503.003.301.341.551.381X41,39,23football predictions
FT Segunda LigaUniao da MadeiraVizela1 - 11.673.405.751.122.141.291X38,36,27football predictions
FT Segunda LigaViseuSanta Clara2 - 12.882.902.651.441.381.37bet advices
FT QualificationChinese TaipeiTurkmenistan1 - 34.403.502.001.951.241.25football betting
FT FriendliesKenyaDR Congo2 - 12.603.152.751.351.381.27X230,35,36bet advices
FT Club FriendliesAIKNorrkoeping2 - 01.853.603.501.251.811.241X49,29,27betting advice
FT Club FriendliesFirst ViennaRapid Wien0 - 44.454.101.61football tips
FT Club FriendliesSarpsborg 08Fredrikstad4 - 01.424.556.201.062.521.141X64,28,20bet advices
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